About Chef

Sandy Keung

Founder owner and executive chef of six restaurants in Hong Kong, a New York CPA by training, worked as banker and CFO for a publicly listed company, Sandy is a self-taught chef.  After close to 10 years of private catering and guest chef work at restaurants in Vietnam and Hong Kong, she opened her first full service restaurant in 2014, TABLE – Ingredient Based Cuisine, and traditional Hong Kong style BBQ restaurant chain in 2015.

Sandy’s previous job in finance as well as her love for great food took her around the world and had extensive experience tasting live seafood including, but not limited to, the usual suspects of Tsukiji in Tokyo, La Boqueria in Barcelona, Lau Fau Shan in Hong Kong and water front seafood restaurants at the foot of Volucano Vesuvius in Naples. Some of her personal favorites besides Tsukiji are the Catania market in Sicily, where she tasted the best maguro steak by non-Japanese chefs; eating alien looking sea squirts live at Seoul’s Noryangin Fish Market; live urchin on half shelves by the water front at Essaouira, Morocco; and in a tiny-weeny seafood restaurants in the town of Roses, Catalonia, Spain where Ferran Adria ate after he finished at El Bulli.

Sandy believes ingredient is the single most important element of any dishes especially for seafood.  Her approach to seafood or other food preparation starts not in the kitchen, but how the live marine animal or other ingredients are harvested and dealt with during transportation.  TABLE is the only restaurant in Hong Kong with its own resident marine biologist and depuration tank.