What is Depuration?

Why Does Live Seafood Needs Depuration?

Hong Kong imports 90% of its live seafood consumption from overseas.  Since air freight is expensive and most shellfish can survive out of water for a period of time, they are shipped “dry” (without water) to Hong Kong.  The marine animal is not able to filter out metabolic wastes if it does not get back into water.

Take a French oyster as example….. It takes up to 3 days of transit time from the oysters to go door-to-door from oyster farm to Hong Kong. Upon arrival, the oysters go straight into refrigerator to keep the temperature low.  This is like not having shower or gone to the bathroom for 3 days!  And we call this “jet-fresh”.

At Table, our live seafood arrives and we place them into our own depuration tank for up to three days.  Nothing is added to the tank chemically.  We simply provide “clean”, “comfortable” conditions that mimic the natural environment that they live in so they can “pee and poop” comfortably.  It is like a spa treatment which gets the live seafood clean and relax.

Do We Depurate All Seafood?

No, we do not.  We can only depurate seafood that is live as it needs to filter in and out water on its own to get rid of metabolic wastes and dirty organics.   Seafood that arrives dead or seafood that is already processed at source do not require or cannot be depurated.

Our Own Marine Biologist To Take Care of Your Food

Table is the only restaurant in Hong Kong with a marine biologist on staff to help take care of your seafood.