How to Order

All orders are available in self pick up or delivery

All ordering is processed by email, WhatsApp or Order Form.


  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer (FPS)
  • Payme


Delivery will be made via Uber or specific driver, to ensure your food will arrive in perfect and fresh condition.

Product Price
Under $2500
Over $2500
The Peak / Repulse Bay / HK Island with no MTR $200 $100
HK Island (where there is MTR) $95 Free
Kowloon $200 Free
New Territories Based on quotation Based on quotation
Discovery Bay $400 $400

For more information on the pick-up or delivery time, please contact us via email or Whatsapp.


We cannot guarantee that a product or cooking kit does not contain potential allergens, regardless of the recipe and ingredients.  If you have any questions regarding allergies or dietary restrictions, please contact our customer service via

Most of our ingredients in our cooking kits are prepared fresh or of fresh produce.  You are advised to keep them refrigerated at all times before consumption.  We generally advise that you use all of the ingredients in the cooking kits within the day of pick up / delivery.  Should you plan to use the ingredients or any products more than one day after pick up / delivery, please check with us first and possibly keep the items at temperature below 0˚C.

You should check all of the items included in your cooking kit(s) when you pick them/it up.  We do not accept any liability once the cooking kits or products leave our premise whether you picked them up yourself or opted and paid for any third party delivery methods.  Further, we do not accept any liabilities relating to your misuse of our products.  You hold us harmless for all liabilities or damages you or any third party may suffer as a result of the use of our cooking kits / products.  Please do not purchase our products if you do not accept any part of this disclaimer.